Running conditioners What is worthwhile to choose from

Usually, the moment comes when we run regularly, have better results and want to develop further, that we start thinking about supplementation. Is running conditioner something we really need? Should supplements be swallowed by every athlete, even by amateurs, or should we choose only supplements for marathons or professional trainers? When is it time for such supplements and what should we choose? We would like to tell you!
I train amateurishly. Are cross-country skiing supplements for me?
Conditioners and supplements are intended to supplement deficiencies in the diet. This can be the case for both professional and amateur athletes. It is worth noting that sport is not only a burden for our body – it can also be hard physical work. Running conditioners can be used by everyone, regardless of the number of workouts and the level of training.
Running conditioners – supplements and isotonic drinks
The most popular choice of runners – gels, isotonic drinks or regenerating drinks – we gladly use during the training period to support the body in its efforts. There is nothing dangerous about them, so if they benefit us, we can use them. On the other hand, it is best to use supplements only for a while – until deficiencies are filled – and then to diversify the diet to such an extent that it is not necessary to use them. The deficiencies of individual vitamins can be checked during the examination, e.g. hair elemental analysis. Most often we lack vitamin D, iron, magnesium, as well as calcium, potassium and sodium.
Check out the supplements specially selected for runners:
Running conditioners – BCAA
BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids, which make up approximately […] % of BCAAs. 30-40% amino acids in our muscles. They allow you to replenish their losses during activity, which allows you to better regenerate and accelerate the effects of your workout. No wonder that they are so popular – and not only among runners. However, it is worth remembering that BCAAs do not contain the 17 amino acids that our muscles also need – these are worth supplementing with whey protein. Of course, it’s better to choose a BCAA than nothing, but both provide our muscles with everything they need.
Quality is paramount
The temptation to save on supplements is great, but it is worth remembering that their quality is crucial – poor quality running supplements will not bring us the expected results and may even damage our health, so this is a throw away of money in the mud. It is better to invest only in good quality whey protein or only in BCAA than to buy both.
Running conditioners are usually not necessary, but we can use them if we want to increase the effects of training, speed up muscle regeneration and support our body. They can be used by amateurs and professionals alike. It is worth remembering, however, that when we talk about health, it is necessary to visit a doctor before the supplementation – only he can check our deficiencies and assess what supplementation our body needs.

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