5 Detective devices needed at your company

5 Detective devices needed in your company!

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Is your company just starting out? Or are you wondering how to improve it even further? In this case, we will suggest what to pay special attention to when selecting the right equipment, without which its proper functioning is impossible. Here are 5 detective devices needed in your company!

Why do you need detective devices in your company?

Most of us, detective equipment, associate only with films about spying. It is also not true that it is only used by professional detectives, the police or special services. It can be used in any area of life, both at home and at work. It is this last topic that we would like to address in the article.

Does anyone now imagine running their own business without such devices as cameras or GPS locators? Probably not, and this is only a part of the toolboxes without which our company will not function properly. After all, we must have full control over what is happening in the company and how efficiently our employees work.

It is also vital to protect all kinds of information that should never come into the possession of unauthorized persons. This is particularly true of the recent major problem of economic espionage. Its purpose is to gain trade secrets of companies or business competitors, as well as to capture patterns, formulas or production technologies. Most often, this is done in a secret manner, by stealing confidential information or by bribery. That’s why it’s a good idea to protect yourself in good time, how? There are several effective methods of doing this.

5 detective devices necessary in the company

With our own company, we must place great emphasis on safety and control. This is particularly true for employees and for the flow of data that is important for the company. It is worth implementing a few necessary solutions, in which equipment is the best investment?

Protect 1206i Detector

The Protect 1206i detector is ideal for any business, why? Because only with this professional device, we will detect all eavesdropping and all other equipment used for surveillance by means of transmission of analog and digital signals. In addition to the standard antenna, the Protect 1206i has a directional antenna that accurately indicates where the signal is being transmitted. It can cope with GSM, UMTS, WiFi, DECT and Bluetooth signals, so often used for surveillance purposes. This device is inexpensive and easy to use, which is why it is suitable for both professional and amateur users.

Telephone call keypad

How can we make our company’s confidential information even more secure? A telephone conversation keypad is sure to be useful. In this way, we ensure that confidential data never ends up in the wrong hands. Even if this theoretically happens, the thief still will not have the key to decrypt them.

The advantages of this device include its small size and very easy operation. Simply connect the device to the mobile phone via the headset connector and in this way the encryption of calls does not require any additional activities from the user.

AlfaTRACK S-210 GPS Location System with GL-200 Locator

The devices proposed above will allow us to secure valuable information, now it is worth considering the equipment that will enable accurate monitoring of vehicles in our company. The AlfaTRACK S-210 GPS location system with the GL-200 95-day locator will be ideal for this purpose. It is designed to determine on an ongoing basis the position of vehicles or semi-trailers, this information is provided to us in real time. Thanks to it we will simply get to know the place, as well as the history of the route covered by the car with the locator.

Access to the platform is also possible from the level of a free mobile application for Android and iOS, and the precision of the indicated place is up to 2 meters. This location system will protect our vehicles against possible theft, allow us to control the fleet and improve logistics processes, which will have a very positive impact on the company’s budget.

DVI cable for computer spying

Most of the work in the company is done online. Computers are currently one of the best sources of information about the user. It is enough to mention the e-mail correspondence and the complete history of the activity of the person who uses it. A big problem is dealing with, during the working time, not with what belongs to the employee’s professional duties.

In order to have full control over what our employees do during their working hours, it is worth to take advantage of the offer of the AlfaTronik detective shop and purchase a DVI cable for computer spying. It will help me

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