You work a lot in front of the computer Make sure you take care of your eyes

Whether you’re an eyepiece or a lens wearer, or perhaps you can still see quite well without such “helpers”: if you work a lot in front of a computer, you should do everything to take good care of your eyesight. The artificial radiation generated by the monitor matrix is very harmful to the eyes, and the consequences will be felt very soon. So what should you do? Read our guide.

Frequent breaks

Just don’t say you don’t have the time! The minimum interval between gazing at the monitor shall be 10 minutes per hour of operation. Use this time to look out of the window, preferably further away. Also, do a few squats, maybe a pump, try to get down the stairs and climb up the floor again. Such a break will have a great impact on your performance.

Looking further away

It is the best rest for the eyes. After work is finished, on weekends, and even during longer office breaks, it’s essential to look away. Find yourself a point in the sky or on the horizon and look at it for several minutes. Your eyes will rest, so you will not be bothered by itching or burning your eyes. It is also a great relaxation for the mind.

Regular visual inspection

You should do this every year and not only in the context of a periodic employee survey. The sight test is cheap and can be performed in any good optical salon – the cost is about 20 usd. During the examination you will see if you should accidentally start wearing glasses or switch to stronger lenses. You will then have the right to receive a financial contribution from your employer.


Avoiding wearing glasses or lenses is a simple way to significantly impair your vision. Especially if you work a lot in front of a computer.

Eye moisturization

The cornea and sclera are two parts of the eye that require intensive moisturization. Tears are responsible for this in a healthy eye, which is then known as a tear film. However, if you expose your eyes to strong radiation from a computer monitor, you will feel burning and itching at the end of the day. This is a sign that the eyes are insufficiently moisturized.

In this case, you must reach for eye drops, the selection of which is worth consulting with an optician or ophthalmologist. Scratch your eyes several times a day and you’ll feel a clear improvement.

These tips may seem obvious to you. The basis, however, is compliance with them. Start now, otherwise you will quickly have a visual impairment that will make it harder for you to perform your day-to-day work.

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