You want to start practicing at home It may not work

Admit that this tyre on your abdomen does not look very aesthetic. The old form has gone somewhere and you have more and more problems with riding your bike 5 kilometers without any breathlessness. This is the last moment to get down to business and not to go crazy! Are you thinking about starting exercises at home? A good idea, but you have to be aware of the significant drawbacks of this solution. We list them in our article.

Motivation problems

This is by far the biggest problem you will have to face. The home environment, which we associate with rest, is not conducive to motivating ourselves to hard work, especially physical work. At the beginning you will probably not run out of enthusiasm, but with time temptations will start to appear, for example, to take a break for your favorite series or a quick match on the console.

Lack of trainer supervision

A personal trainer is a great help. The specialist not only selects the right training programme, but also motivates you to do the exercises and make progress. The trainer can help you establish a diet, will be your conscience, will not miss baptizing you for your laziness. At home, you can’t count on such a person – they won’t even be replaced by Internet guides or videos on YouTube.

Absence of equipment

You can practice without special tools, but it is much more difficult. Without access to weights and fitness equipment, you will not be able to achieve satisfactory results so quickly, which will again reduce your motivation. You’ll quickly get bored with carrying water bottles or making pumps. Such training can only be afforded by people who are as focused as possible on the development of their physiognomy, which, unfortunately, is very difficult at home.

Plenty of diffusers

When practicing at home, prepare yourself to be distracted by everything (and literally everything). Doorbell, courier visit, no power, washing to remove from the dryer, laundry to insert, preparation of dinner, children, partner, etc. If you don’t have the will to do this, it will simply not work out in the long run.

Absence of competition

Do you know why gym exercise is more effective? Because you can compare yourself there with others or even compete with them. Most guys have a need for competition, which is the most effective motivation. You can’t count on that at home. You only compete with your own weaknesses, which is usually not enough.

Conclusion? It is worth starting with exercises at home to start the body and get your muscles used to the effort. But ultimately look for a good gym.

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