You want to build a sculpture Start with shoulders

Barges are a very masculine part of the body. Their construction significantly affects the appearance of the whole figure of the guy, so if you are just beginning your adventure with bodybuilding, even at home, much attention shoulder to shoulder. You can practice them without the control of a professional trainer and without having access to special equipment. You only need a basic set of dumbbells and, as a last resort, sand bags.

Why is it worth practicing shoulders?

Because their training is not particularly demanding, which should encourage guys who are a bit sluggish and do not sin. Barges can be practiced under any conditions, including at home. From a physiological point of view, it is also an advantage that training shoulders with ordinary dumbbells does not overburden the wrists. The regeneration of this part of the body takes place quite quickly, so you can calmly write down your training several days a week.

Exercised shoulders are a great base for further training, including chest muscles. The reinforced shoulder strap not only improves your silhouette, but also gives you the opportunity to enter the world of bodybuilding with confidence.

Be sure to keep this in mind

Training of shoulders, although much easier than e.g. chest training, cannot be carried out without the head. Each time before you start the exercise, make sure you warm up. It can be based on arm wobbles or stretching for a few minutes. This will minimize the risk of painful shoulder rim injury.

Don’t throw yourself into the deep water at first. Write it down 2-3 days a week to give your muscles time to regenerate. In the case of not too advanced exercises, a 2-day break between training sessions is sufficient. However, if your shoulders are very painful, give them another day to rest.

Do not underestimate other muscle areas

If you concentrate only on the shoulders, at some point you will achieve a not very aesthetic effect. Excessively extended shoulders in relation to e.g. the chest or back look ridiculous. Therefore, remember to gradually switch on the exercises of the other muscles.


Training of shoulders best corresponds with training of chest muscles.

Gradually increase the load

To really achieve a good workout effect, you need to set yourself further goals, i.e. simply increase the workload. Start with a 5 kg hand-held exercise, for example, and increase the weight by 2-3 kg in two-week cycles. Try to diversify the exercises. Train standing up, lying down, sitting down. Remember to make pumps, which is a great exercise on the shoulders and chest.

The most important thing is regularity. There is nothing worse than overtraining at the beginning and giving up training. Exercise several times a week for half an hour – such a small dose will bring very good results after a dozen or so weeks.

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