You are giving these products to your baby Watch out because they contain a lot of salt

Salt is an essential addition to the kitchen as it improves the taste of many food products. On the other hand, the amount cannot be exaggerated. Excessive salt consumption leads to very serious diseases, especially hypertension. The youngest organisms are particularly sensitive to this component. You may not realize that by giving your baby the products on our list you are giving him a lot of salt – often in excess of the recommended daily intake.
A real sodium bomb. Sodium glutamate, among other things, can be found in sausages, which is why their consumption should be significantly reduced. We know that children love sausages, which does not change the fact that they should not eat them too often. Instead of a sausage, you can give your children consolation, e.g. cooked chicken meat.
The presence of this product in our list certainly does not surprise you. Chips contain huge amounts of salt, which de facto determines their tempting taste. However, salt is not the only problem. There are plenty of flavouring substances in the chips that have an addictive effect. Remove this product from your baby’s diet immediately!
Smoked meat, including hams, is a real treasury of salt. For low quality products, preservatives are used, including the already mentioned sodium glutamate. So be careful what kind of meats you serve to your baby. It will be much safer to choose cooked hams or to replace them with fresh, cooked meat at all.
For many children it is a mandatory addition to sandwiches or sausages. Unfortunately, ketchup is also a rich source of salt and sodium glutamate. Its consumption should therefore be restricted. Let us not forget either that the ketchup contains a lot of sugar and is generally fattening. Try convincing your child to use a homemade tomato sauce.
Breakfast cereals
Surprised? Yet breakfast cereals also contain a lot of salt. Undoubtedly, it is not a product that can be incorporated into a truly healthy diet. Instead of flakes, give your baby muesli, bran or oatmeal. They are much healthier and more nutritious.
Look for these products in your refrigerator and pantry. Try to build your baby’s diet up so that it contains as little salt as possible. This will certainly contribute to his health.

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