Why SHOULD NOT buy a baby walker for your child

The baby walker is one of the most controversial baby accessories. Doctors, especially orthopaedists, clearly advise against buying such a gadget for a child, but some parents still know their own. In this guide we will explain why walking is an unnecessary expense. Read carefully.

Artificial forced walking is disadvantageous for the child.

The ability to walk is completely natural and occurs over time, when the baby is 100% ready for it. There is no point in speeding up this process. The muscles and skeletal system of the baby must be adapted to carry the loads while walking. If your child is still too weak, helping him/her artificially can even harm him/her.

Orthopaedists point out that forcing a child to use a baby walker is one of the causes of later posture problems, including spinal degeneration. This equipment should not be sold at all. Use common sense and do not succumb to pressure from marketing or parenting “specialists”.

As a last resort, you can buy a pusher

When your child starts taking the first steps on his or her own, you can make it easier for him or her to learn how to walk and invest in a pusher. This is usually a car trolley or dummy with a comfortable handle that the child can lean on and thus more securely cover short distances around the house. Using the pusher is not dangerous for the baby’s health, but provided that it is not a long, everyday game.

When should a child start walking alone?

There is no rule here. Every healthy child develops at an individual pace, so if you have, for example, a year old stomach that is still not interested in walking, don’t worry and don’t try to speed up the process with this baby walker at all.

However, if your child does not try to walk around the age of 15-16 months, it is advisable to consult your paediatrician. It may be a matter of ordinary laziness, but it may also be a matter of some kind of motor or neurological problem. Such symptoms should not be underestimated, although they should not be panicked either.

In conclusion, the baby walker is not necessary for anything. When the baby is ready to walk, he will stand on his own feet and take the first steps. It is extremely irresponsible to force him to sit down in a baby walker.

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