Why does the Internet work too slowly Ways to speed it up

Access to the Internet is no longer unusual, but its speed does not always meet the expectations of the recipients. Sometimes the fault lies with the supplier, but some of the factors responsible for the link slowdown can be dealt with on your own. What is the reason for the poor performance of the Internet? How to increase its speed?

Equipment not suitable for connection speed

In order for the internet to work as well as it can, we need to pay attention to the modem we have. Old models of modems or those purchased on their own do not always have the proper parameters to operate the high-speed link. Having an inappropriate device means that the maximum potential of the Internet is not used. This is rarely the case, as suppliers are currently taking care to provide their customers with their own customized modems. Nevertheless, this is a guideline for those who like to make different changes on their own.

Fixed internet security

Fixed-line Internet is more reliable and faster than mobile Internet, so if it fails, it is worth considering changing it into a wired one. Before we do that it is worth to check how the link works, if we set the router in another place. When using Wi-Fi, sometimes the problem is with the thick wall, which does not transmit the signal, and sometimes the device drivers need to be updated.

Pay attention to the cables!

Although wired internet is much less unreliable, data traffic can sometimes be slowed down due to cabling problems. Make sure that the cable is as short as possible and runs through places that do not pose a risk to the cable. Bending it or cutting it with a door will interfere with the correctness of the signal and can lead to permanent damage. If this happens, it needs to be replaced.

Window settings – why do they matter?

Windows automatically downloads updates, which reduces connectivity by up to 20%. However, this can be changed by affecting the settings. Click “Start”, then “Start” and in the window that appears enter: gpedit.msc. Go to “Computer configuration” and go to “Computer configuration”: “Administrative templates”, “Network” and “Qos Package Schedule”. In the “Group rules” window, find “Restrict reserved bandwidth”, click “Enabled” and specify the new bandwidth limit for the update.

Hyperhidrosis of the antiviral programme

It happens that an antivirus program significantly slows down the Internet because it blocks features that it should not disable. In this case, the best solution is to change the programme.

How do I check the connection speed?

In contracts with Internet providers, the maximum speed limits are usually set and do not have to be reached at all. Sometimes the connection speed is 30-50% of the specified value. In order to check the actual speed, it is advisable to perform a speed test.

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