Whether you are a student or a student hostel Explore the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions

If you are studying in a foreign city away from your home, you will need to secure some accommodation. In the case of less wealthy hooks, only two solutions are possible. Either the dormitory or the accommodation. The former tempts at the lowest cost, but rejects the not very comfortable conditions for learning. Is it worthwhile to take an interest in the much less popular accommodation? In our guide we list the most important advantages and disadvantages of these two solutions.
Situation – for whom?
A room is usually defined as one room, which is separated especially for the student (and not only – the room is used by those who work), but at the same time without the owner moving out of the apartment or house. Such a possibility is most often used by the elderly, single people, who incur considerable costs related to the maintenance of large premises and need an additional source of income.
It is worth knowing
More and more often it is also possible to meet a situation where the condition does not require living under one roof with the owner. Many people choose to rent their property in rooms for several students.
The stations are not as popular anymore as they were a few years ago. Currently, many students (or rather their parents) can afford to rent the entire apartment, or alternatively, to pay rent with their friends. This does not mean, however, that the condition should not be taken into account at all.
The biggest advantage of the accommodation is that it provides good learning conditions. The apartment is usually quiet, quite quiet, the owner does not agree to organize events, and this is conducive to the acquisition of knowledge. In a well-kept apartment you can also count on high comfort, access to good sanitary facilities and kitchen.
The cost is a bit higher than in the case of a student hostel. From the point of view of a young person, the rigid rules imposed by the owner (e.g. a ban on bringing friends, specific hours of returning to the flat, etc.) may also be a huge disadvantage of the condition.
Dormitory – for whom?
The places in the dormitories are besieged by students, so you have to be a bit lucky to “buy” such a place while you are studying. The reason for the popularity of the dormitories is above all the attractive price of the room. Of course, let’s not forget that many students decide to go on dormitory only to take full advantage of the so-called student life.
The disadvantage of the dormitory is that it is not conducive to learning. In the environment of many students it is always loud, at every step temptations await, which are distracting from the duties. That’s why after the initial enthusiasm for the dorm, many of them prefer to move to the dormitory.

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