When it’s worth thinking about taking dietary supplements

The shelves in every pharmacy are literally bent under the weight of various dietary supplements. Now we can buy over-the-counter products for almost anything: better resistance, a more beautiful look, well-being, insomnia, bad breath. However, the vast majority of us do not need any supplements, because possible deficiencies of vitamins and minerals can be supplemented by a healthy diet. Some, on the other hand, should at least consider starting a supplementation. Who is it that we are talking about? Read.
Sportsmen and sportswomen
If you’re just beginning your adventure with sport, you’ll certainly feel the effects of your previous neglect quickly. Your body will be tired and injured. To minimize the risk of such problems, consult a sports doctor and ask him what supplements are worth taking before and after your training. A very good “helper” is, for example, a popular protein cocktail.
People who spend many hours in the office
Do you see the sun only on TV and possibly at weekends and during short holidays? You are 100% deficient in vitamin D, which can be very dangerous for your health. Do an examination and go to the doctor with the results. It may be necessary to start supplementing vitamin D, the deficiencies of which cannot be remedied by diet alone.
Persons under severe stress
It may be caused by a tense work situation, an upcoming exam or a trauma (e.g. loss of a close person). In such a situation your body is very weak and even a healthy diet will not help it, because stress makes it difficult to assimilate vitamins and minerals. After consultation with your doctor, you can therefore begin supplementation by using preparations that strengthen the immune system and stimulate the nervous system.
Persons observing symptoms of distress at home
If you notoriously feel tired, sleep in front of the TV, and at night you have trouble sleeping, your hair falls off, your face is sunken, you lose weight, you have no strength – go to a doctor. The reasons for this can be very different, but one of them is nutritional deficiency. To get your body back in shape quickly and support you in this difficult time, you can start your supplementation.
Note that we recommend that you consult your doctor first in any of these situations. Reaching for dietary supplements on one’s own is a poor idea, and in extreme cases it may even be dangerous.

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