What to pack in a gym bag

When you go to the gym for the first time, you may wonder what is worth packing in a sports bag. You don’t want to miss something, and going there for the first time you can easily forget about something. In this article we will tell you what an ideal training bag should contain – so that you do not have any problems with packing it. We asked club members from CityFit in Warsaw about its content and they shared with us their own observations on this issue.


This is the basic thing that should be in a sports bag. It’s important that it’s light and airy – after all, you’ll sweat a lot (well, unless you’re not going to stretch too hard). It is better to dress up in the changing room, because after the shower you will be able to put on your normal clothes, and you will throw these sweaty ones into the bag. Shoes are needed in turn – not only the cleanliness you keep in the building, but also the comfort – it’s good to take shoes with good cushioning to the gym – you’ll do a variety of exercises and the right footwear will protect your bones and lower limbs’ joints. It is also a good idea to take the shower flaps away for hygienic reasons.


But right now, right? Why are we talking about towels in plural? After all, one thing is enough for us! No, that is not the case. It is good to take at least two towels with you to the gym – the first one we take to the room and the second one we use after taking a shower. If you have no problem with the other, you probably wonder why you need a towel in the room. We are in a hurry to explain – during the intense physical effort a person will sweat very much and it would be good if you used different instruments or mats to put a towel under them – thanks to this another person will not have contact with you later. Of course, this is only the first stage of observing the rules of hygiene – after using the device, do not forget to wash it with the liquid available in the Room.

Water or isotonic

What you drink while exercising is entirely up to you, but it’s not worth forgetting irrigation in general. By exercising and sweating, we get rid of water from the body and we have to constantly replenish it. It’s a good idea to have a drink in a comfortable container – one that will not spill if it overturns. There are special bottles available, which can be bought for a couple of zlotys, both in the Internet and in fixed shops or at the gyms themselves.


After a hard workout you want to bathe, so you need cosmetics – the best ones are two in one, that is shampoo and shower gel in one. They will weigh less, and that is also what we want to reduce. Don’t forget to use a sponge if you can’t imagine having a bath without it. It is also worth carrying an antiperspirant or balm with you – often running water causes the skin to dry out.

Something to eat

Usually after the training we will be very hungry. There is nothing worse than throwing yourself at food when you come home and consuming a lot of food. A much better way is to take a snack in the bag to satisfy your first hunger. It will often be a banana, natural yoghurt or an energy bar. The type of food you eat depends on the diet you eat and which supports your workout.

The sports bag that we will have at the gym should not be too heavy, so it is worth taking only the most needed things to it. Such are certainly towels, outfits or something to drink. It is much better not to forget this.

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