What to look for when choosing your child’s inhaler

The use of an inhaler improves overall health, but its use is particularly recommended in the case of respiratory problems. However, before buying, it is worth analysing the advantages and disadvantages of different models. How do I choose the right inhaler for my child?

In addition to the functionality of the product, safety of use should also be a priority. The child incisor should work without making too much noise, to which babies are particularly sensitive.

The second important aspect that we should pay attention to is the adaptation of individual structural elements to the physiognomy of the child. For example, the mouthpiece should be small enough to fit properly on its face. The inhaler should be of high quality and technical parameters in order to ensure that the inhalation can be performed quickly and efficiently. This is important because children will be impatient and usually want to finish the procedure sooner than it is expected to last.

As it is intended to be a product dedicated to children, the visual aspect is also important. Colourful and friendly graphics will certainly evoke positive emotions and associations. As a result, your child will be happy to use inhalation. The product should be placed in the home of every parent whose child suffers from respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia, as well as chronic rhinitis.

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