What to look for when choosing the colour of your car

It is obvious that for most drivers the technical parameters of the car and its failure-free operation are the most important. However, you can’t get full satisfaction from owning a car if you don’t like it. Colour is the key to its appearance. Manufacturers offer a very wide range of lacquers, which only makes it difficult to make decisions. In this article we will tell you what to look for when choosing the colour of your car.
Dark – elegance with large but
Dark lacquers are very popular because they look impressive and add elegance to the car. The statistics show that Polish drivers are very eager to choose black and graphite lacquers. If you also like such colours, remember that they look best in comparison with a car of middle and higher class. A small, urban car will not be as spectacular anymore.
Unfortunately, there are two major problems with dark paint. The first is the troublesome cleaning. On the black body you can see literally everything, even spots of water after leaving the car wash. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the spectacular appearance of your car, you have to take great care of the varnish.
The second problem comes to light in the summer. The black body heats up quickly, which is why the interior of the car gets hot on a sunny day. That’s why you need to invest in a car with an efficient air-conditioning system when you decide to use such a paint.
Fashionable white
In recent years, the popularity of white lacquer – the best pearl – has been unprecedented. In fact, such a body looks very impressive and it is on any car. These are not the only advantages of white paint.
This is a good choice for those who value practical considerations. Paradoxically, a white body is easier to maintain than a black body. There are no stains from water or scratches on it, and small dents are not so obvious. It’s a pity that most dealers have to pay a lot for white paint.
Secure elections
This category belongs without appeal to the silver lacquer. It’s a body that may not look as good as its knees, but it’s very practical. The silver colour is elegant, easy to clean and usually does not require much extra payment.
It is also worth mentioning here the extremely popular among American drivers color mocca, that is the so-called coffee with milk. Its greatest advantage is its practicality – the paint hardly shows any fine dirt.
Something for aesthetics
If you prefer to stand out and are not bored, you also have plenty to choose from. The vivid colours of the body, such as burgundy, green, ore, sea or purple, look very good on urban and family cars. The only problem may be that in case of cullet the costs of painting may be slightly higher, and obtaining the whole, already painted part, will be more difficult.
Consider our arguments, but above all, be guided by your own taste. After all, it is you who will be driving this car for the next few years.

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