What is an SSL certificate and whether you need it in your shop

Personal data protection is an extremely topical issue today. Until recently, we did not realize how much data we were providing when filling out (it would seem) ordinary surveys, forms, etc., we were not able to do so. When it came to light how our data could be used, we all add more value to it. And that is very good, because not securing them may end up, in the worst case scenario, with unpleasant consequences for us.

SSL certificate – what is it?

For every Internet entrepreneur, securing data of both their employees and customers is a duty, which we can read in the legal acts.

Data that travels from the client’s computer to the website’s server without security is open text that is very easy to decrypt. This creates scope for abuse which can be exploited by criminals. It is not uncommon for online transactions to provide information such as your name, address, credit card and CVV numbers, or passwords and bank account numbers. The situation when we try to apply for credit on the Internet may end even worse. The unsecured form, which contains the key data for taking out a loan, is a greedy corner for fraudsters.

SSL Certfolio allows you to protect all data that we send to the website server using the form. Instead of a simple text, let’s send the cryptographic record to the server. This makes it very difficult to capture and decrypt them.

Is SSL certification necessary?

It does not specify exactly what kind of security the trader must have in his shop. However, it clearly states that it should take care of “technical measures” to protect customer data from being made available or disseminated to unauthorized persons.

The SSL certificate is therefore optional for entrepreneurs. However, securing customer data in this way is definitely one of the cheaper and easier technical means to ensure the security of transactions.

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