What is an advertising panel and what its functions are

Advertising panels are illuminated advertisements, most often mounted outside the building. It is available in different shapes, but most often it is rectangular. Interestingly, the panel has one special form, perpendicular to the wall surface of the building. Such a coffer is called a semaphore or a double-sided coffer.

The panels are an ideal way to stand out and make it easier to find our company or shop. Very often they contain a company logo or a sales slogan. However, the panels also have other functions. According to the advertising agency FRWarsaw, panels can have three main functions.

The first function is, of course, an advertising function, i.e. the presentation of an advertisement of a company, its products or services.

The second function is an information function. We can present information about an institution or a company on a panel, not necessarily for advertising purposes. We can present the address, information about matters that can be settled e.g. at the local office.

The third function is image building. Due to the fact that the panel can be very large and constructed directly under the shape of the building, it can increase the attractiveness of the company headquarters. A good example is presented below:

As you can see, the panel is a multifunctional form of advertising and information and can be used for various purposes.

Please note that the investment in the panel should be thoroughly discussed with your supplier. There are several technological possibilities on the market. Side panels are usually made of aluminium and powder coated in any colour, but they are also made of plexiglass, pvc or dibond. The lentils, on the other hand, can be made of plexiglass, extruded materials and vinyl fabric. Each of these materials has its own unique characteristics.

When planning a panel, you should also discuss with the advertising agency about the location of the panel, its backlighting or the amount of information you want to put on it. All this is important for the agency to be able to prepare a good design and resistant to the conditions of the panel.

I hope that after reading this article you will know a little more about the panels, their features and capabilities and that you will successfully use them in your marketing activities.

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