Victoria’s Secret Angels a symbol of success in the fashion industry

Playboy has its bunnies and Victoria’s Secret angels. This most exclusive and well-known underwear brand in the world has become famous not only for its bold projects, but also for its excellent marketing activities. One of the key elements of the strategy is the organisation of the famous annual shows, during which ONE is the first to be seen in the flash. Angels are the sexiest of the most sexy models, being at the same time ambassadors of the brand in the world.

It’s not easy to become an angel

About 50 models take part in Victoria’s Secret shows. However, only 14 of them boast the title of an angel. It is an elite, the most desirable women in the world, who not only have a lot of experience on the catwalk, but also the right presence, perfectly in line with the brand philosophy. He has to be gloomy, sexy, courageous.

The title of the angel is not given once and for all and there are regular reshuffles in this group.

The Difficult Life of the Angel

Victoria’s Secret Angels, although honoured, do not have as sweet a life as they might seem. They must be constantly ready to give an interview, they must not go out on the street without the right make-up and outfit, and they must always be spectacular on the catwalk. The stories about the brand’s corrosive requirements for its models have become legendary – it’s about holding the perfect dimensions and purposefully draining the body just before the show to make it seem firmer.

This is also the reason why changes often occur among angels. It is worth noting, however, that the brand does not focus on the youngest girls at all. Her ambassadors are mature models who have already earned their names and do not retire at all after exceeding the magic limit of 30 years.

The most famous Victoria’s Secret angels

Currently, the brand’s angel is Alessandra Ambrosio, who despite 36 years still takes part in shows (although she has already announced her retirement). Brazil is one of the best paid models in the world, collecting about 5 million dollars a year.

Another Brazilian woman on the list is Adrian Lima, who has unquestionably become the most recognizable angel. He is also 36 years old and retiring, but still deletes more than $10 million a year for attending shows.

Kednall Jenner, the hottest name in the world of modelling, cannot be overlooked. Jenner is extremely popular in social media, with over 80 million people following her profile at the Instagram. The model became an angel of Victoria’s Secret from the very beginning, and every year she scraps about 10 million dollars.

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