Ventilation grilles – fresh interiors

Ensuring good air circulation between the interiors of wardrobes and drawers and the room they are located in is extremely important from the perspective of the items that are inside these pieces of furniture. Furniture which is well and truly closed has a very limited air flow. This situation can cause damage to the valuable items inside. In order to prevent this, it is possible in a simple and convenient way to install ventilation grilles, which will spontaneously, on the principle of diffusion, allow stale air to leave the interior of the furniture and fill it with fresh air, which will no longer be as destructive in time as the previous one.

Where to place the ventilation grilles?

Ventilation grilles can be placed in various types of furniture. They are placed at the bottom of cabinets, so they remain quite well hidden. They are most often used in places such as:
– Places with high humidity – kitchen cabinets or bathroom doors. In both rooms there is high humidity, which makes it either impossible to breathe or the moisture can settle on various objects, destroying them. In both cases, fresh air circulation will help
-Securities market – all kinds of companies and institutions have various archives, dozens of cabinets in which there are important contracts or papers. Many times their storage period is very long, and they may be needed in various situations. It is therefore important that their quality does not decline with age, which can be achieved by installing ventilation grilles to ensure the supply of fresh air.

-Clothes wardrobes – dampness and fungus is the worst and biggest enemy of good quality clothes. It may cause their complete destruction or soak up the smell making them impossible to use. Lingering air in wardrobes that have not been opened for a long time may cause such unpleasantness – therefore the installation of ventilation grilles will be a very good protection against such a situation.


Furnica has created ventilation grilles for furniture, which avoid the unpleasant situations described above. An additional advantage is that they are made of high-quality, damage-resistant aluminium. They are available in black, silver and white so that they can be matched with all sorts of furniture colours. They are either unnoticeable or a very interesting stylistic addition, which will draw the attention of many people passing by.

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