Trampoline a way to train and play

We associate the trampoline mainly with playing in the garden next to the house. Indeed, trampoline jumping is liked mainly by children, although there will also be adult amateurs of this physical activity. Especially that on the other hand the trampoline can become an excellent equipment for those who love fitness. It allows you to increase the efficiency of your workout and brings a lot of fun.
Fitness jumping – what is it all about?
Recently, gyms and fitness clubs have offered us a new fashion in the form of trampoline classes, also called jumping fitness. These activities look like standard fitness training, but the base is a trampoline. The participants usually jump to the rhythm of music. Such training is a carefree and at the same time effective way to stay in shape. What’s more, in addition to jumping, the fitness jumping is perfect for making pumps, tummy or squats.
How do I jump?
In order not to hurt yourself and to make your training as effective as possible, you need to know the technique of jumping. You have to have your legs bent, and you have to involve your abdomen muscles in that. A warm-up is carried out before the start of the class. It is supposed to prepare the whole body properly, and to regulate the work of the heart. Then comes the proper part, that is first learning simple dance arrangements, so that all the trainers jump in one rhythm. The intensity of the jumps varies, giving beginners the chance to catch a moment of breath. This type of activity can be supplemented with various additional accessories such as balls or extra weights.
Why should I go to the trampoline?
Enhancing your training with trampoline has many positive benefits. First of all, it increases the efficiency of training, as it forces the body to burn more calories. This leads to a higher calorific deficit, which in turn leads to faster fat burning. This type of activity involves all the muscles in our body. A substrate with low stability has the advantage of leading to more intensive training. Our sense of balance, movement coordination and concentration are improved. The efficiency of the body is also increasing – we feel how with each activity we can endure more and longer. Importantly, this does not strain the joints, as the floor is soft. Fitness jumping is therefore recommended for people who have problems with frequent injuries.
How do I choose my trampoline?
For those with experience in jumping fitness, who know how to jump and how much, we recommend buying a fitness trampoline at home. It allows you to train at any time of the day. When buying a trampoline, pay attention to such items as:
Stable frame,
a mat made of a highly durable material,
springs securely attached,
profiled connections – bolted or locked.
Remember, however, that exercises on the trampoline are not for everyone. They are not recommended for women who have had a pregnancy or have problems with their spine. The trampoline also requires space – at home or in the garden.

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