TOP 5 the most expensive spices in the world You use them in your kitchen

It is thanks to them that ordinary products gain a great taste. They, when skillfully used, make the dish unique and the chef’s craftsmanship depends on it. Spices are essential ingredients in every dish. Salt and pepper are, of course, the basic ingredients, but hundreds of different spices are used all over the world, sometimes with a surprising taste and… exorbitant prices. Find a ranking of the 5 most expensive spices in the world whose value on the free market can make you dizzyed.
Saffron is by far the most expensive spice in the world. High quality saffron can cost 20-30 thousand USD per kilogram! Of course, we buy modest portions in shops, in 0.5 or 1-gram packages. Saffron has a very intense aroma, so just add a few threads to give the dish a unique taste (saffron in too much quantity is poisonous!). The spice comes from Asia Minor, but has been known in the USA for hundreds of years. It is most commonly used for fish and tripe. Cloves – commonly used for game dishes, but also for preserves and cakes. The cloves originate in Indonesia, but are currently cultivated most often in Brazil – the price of this spice is around USD 400 per kilo (Indonesian varieties are cheaper). Cardamom is one of the oldest spices in the world. It comes from India and is now also cultivated in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Cardamom fits perfectly into fish, steaks or roast ducks. It has a very intense aroma and achieves high prices on the free market. One kilogram of spice costs about $300. Vanilla – a basic confectionery spice, which is added to ice cream, cakes or cakes. Vanilla is also very popular in the cosmetics industry because of its intense fragrance consisting of about 200 aromas. Vanilla originates in Mexico. High-quality chopsticks can cost as much as $1,200 per kilo for a bayonet. Cinnamon – another confectionery spice. Her home country is Sri Lanka, where the best varieties of Ceylon cinnamon tree grow near Colombo. Cinnamon has a beautiful aroma, but it is very perishable, so it is better to buy the spice in small portions. This is also supported by its high prices – about USD 700 per kilo.
All these spices have two things in common: very high prices and great aromas. Fortunately, small quantities of these products are enough in your home kitchen, so you can use them without worrying about your wallet.

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