This protects your child from the heat You make a huge mistake

A campaign is underway throughout the country to discourage the popular habit of covering baby carriages with nappies and handkerchiefs. In theory, this is a way to protect your baby from heat and solar radiation. In practice, this can expose your child to very serious risks! Read why you should never do this.

Swedish research

Sweden is famous for promoting a very responsible model of motherhood or, more broadly, parenthood. It is not surprising, therefore, that this is the country where the research was carried out in order to provide an answer to the effects of covering the trolley with a tetrahedral nappy. Their results were shocking.

It turned out that the nappy did not protect the baby from the heat at all. The opposite is true. A very high temperature is created under the material, which after a long time can calmly exceed 40°C! The material also reduces air movement. The child feels like sitting in an oven or sauna, which of course is very dangerous for him/her.

Being in such conditions for a long time leads to dehydration of the organism, which begins to sweat intensively. A child may cry to indicate their discomfort, but this is not at all certain. The opposite may happen. The little one will fall asleep and if not helped quickly, in extreme cases the cot will die (i.e. suffocate).

Do not underestimate the danger!

What you’ve just read should motivate you to break with the damaging habit of covering your baby’s stroller with a nappy. While you want to do the right thing, you are actually doing a lot of harm to your child. Would you like to sit in the heat wrapped in a tetrap of nappy yourself? Well, that’s it…

There are other ways to give your child a rest from the heat. Remember to give your little one water frequently (not juice – increases thirst), when planning to stop, choose a place in the shade. In hot weather, avoid going out with your child or keep walks to a minimum – preferably in the evening or early in the morning.

In turn, forget about the “granny” way with a nappy as soon as possible. It is a really disastrous idea. If your tiny child could speak, he or she would certainly ask you to take off this senseless and very dangerous curtain.

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