These gadgets will allow you to carry large packages on your bike

Cycling for most of us is simply a periodic pleasure and a way to ensure a minimum amount of traffic. However, there is no shortage of people who cycle every day, commute to work or even shopping. In their case, the bike has a transport function, which is why it is worth to increase its capacity. It is not difficult at all, and with the help of producers of various bicycle gadgets come to us. Which of them are of interest? Please refer to our guide for further information.
Bicycle carrier (chest)
This is a piece of equipment that should be considered by everyone who uses a bike as a luggage carrier. The conveyors, usually made of high-strength ABS, can hold a lot of objects without compromising on the functionality of the motorcycle. They are usually mounted on the boot or in front of the steering wheel. They can be compared to the boxes we see on scooters.
The advantage of the conveyor is its large capacity – even models of several dozen litres can be found. It is enough to bring large groceries home. The conveyor is also very useful for longer trips. It will replace the backpack perfectly, and this will allow you to breathe a breath away the rider’s back.
The disadvantage of this solution is only a relatively high price and also a considerable weight, which will be a sign for less experienced and sportsmen cyclists.
Bicycle panniers
A very popular solution, especially for people covering long distances on two wheels. The panniers have the advantage of being much lighter than trunks, so you can pack a little more without feeling it so much in your legs. The panniers are usually mounted at the rear of the bike, on both sides of the mudguard.
The panniers do not provide protection against rain, so they need to be additionally protected with foil, which is not very convenient. Moreover, as they are made of a material, their durability is not among the highest. It is also difficult to expect the pannier to secure access to the packages. However, there is a possibility to use a key lock in the chest.
Cycling basket
Nowadays, it is the most fashionable way of transporting various items on a bike. Of course, the baskets can only be found on urban bikes, although there is nothing to prevent them from being used also on popular “highlanders” or trekking. Only aesthetic issues can be a problem.
The basket is a good choice for people who only occasionally transport small items on their bicycles, especially groceries. It does not protect against rain, it is not too spacious and, moreover, it makes stable driving a little more difficult. However, it is very cheap.
So if you’re riding a bike for a long time and you want comfort first of all, go for classic panniers. We recommend the trunk to cyclists who want to take a lot of objects with them and be sure that they are well protected against the weather conditions or access by unauthorized persons. The basket, on the other hand, is an occasional solution that serves more as a decoration.

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