The most important reasons why you should not use dietary supplements yourself are as follows

On television, radio and the Internet, it is literally swarming with advertisements for various dietary supplements and medical devices, which are supposed to guarantee our health and well-being. This is, of course, a far-reaching overinterpretation. Even innocent supplements that have been mismatched or have been misadjusted can be dangerous to the body. Therefore, you should never reach for them yourself. In this guide, we will give you some other arguments for consulting your doctor before starting the supplementation.
There are no ‘for all’ supplements
Although we would like to believe it, it is worth realizing that supplements can only help your body to fight for recovery. However, they will not replace either a normal diet or physical activity or pharmacotherapy (if required).
The biggest problem with dietary supplements is that too many people use them in the naĂŻve hope that they will solve all their problems. This in turn delays the onset of treatment, which can do much more harm than good.
An improperly selected supplement can be dangerous.
Not everyone is aware of this. We believe that since a product is available over the counter, it must not cause any harm, which is obviously not the case. The supplements are based on vitamins and minerals, which are as dangerous as their deficiency. Therefore, using such products without consulting a doctor is like playing with one’s own health.
Loss of money
Supplement A did not help? We reach for product B, then C, D and so on. Such a procedure causes that we spend a lot of money on means which will not help anyway, because they do not remove the source of bad mood or pain. Drawing on the wrong supplements not only does it play with your health, but it also reduces your household budget unnecessarily.
Even the best supplement can be ineffective.
All this is due to the fact that many people reach for supplements based on their own intuition. Drowsiness? Magnesium helps. Weakness? Iron is useful. Deterioration of vision? Lutein will certainly solve the problem. That is wrong thinking!
It is essential that you have an examination and consult your doctor before you can get the supplement. It may turn out that the signals sent by the body indicate something completely different, such as a serious disease which requires the use of pharmacotherapy or hospitalization.
Remember, before you decide to buy a supplement, tell your doctor about your motivation. Your eye care professional will be happy to give you a study to help you choose the right product for you.

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