Tasteful interior without unwanted elements

In interior design, there is always a desire, to a greater or lesser extent, for a kind of perfection. Everyone wants to get rid of elements that do not fit into the established vision of the interior, or are simply ugly and do not like us. Cables used to be such problems.

We don’t like to limit ourselves, that’s why we created furniture guides for cables. They are very convenient to use, because they allow for comfortable routing of the cable, and at the same time subtly mask the hole that was made in the furniture. Most often it concerns desks, where a monitor stands or there is a cable run to individual devices, as well as in RTV cabinets, which masks the cables led from the TV or sound equipment to the power source. More and more often this solution is used in rooms such as kitchens, because some devices require constant access to electricity, whereas these are the devices we use in our everyday life. Then, so that the cable is not visible and does not occupy unnecessary space on the countertop, we use a spacer that perfectly masks the wires that are being carried away from them.

Cable grommets for furniture are very popular in offices and companies, as well as in schools and similar establishments, which is simply everywhere where electronic equipment is used.
Due to the wide market and the high demand, various shape and colour variations are available, e.g. square, oval, round and even rectangular culverts. This makes it possible to adapt them freely to the furniture or room in question. The most common colours are natural aluminum, brown, white, grey, black, brushed steel, popular gloss chrome.

The most often the set consists of a pass with a cover and a camouflage brush. Thanks to this they effectively mask cables in places where they are required for the proper functioning of the equipment, but also thanks to them you will be able to properly protect cables behind furniture fronts. It is worth emphasizing again that thanks to them we can provide ourselves with more space, so in offices and various companies they are a very desirable element, and at the same time do not cost a fortune. It is a very good choice at work and in everyday life.

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