Take care of yourself not only in your own bathroom 5 places which should be regularly visited by guy

The times when a well-groomed guy was required to have at most a shaved face and an even parting on his head were long gone. Today’s men, even those with an excess of testosterone, pay a lot of attention to their appearance. Sales of men’s cosmetics are growing much faster than sales of women’s, and more and more gadgets typically designed for the guy’s body are appearing on the market. However, the treatments you carry out yourself in the bathroom are not enough. Here are 5 places you should visit regularly if you want to be considered really well cared for.

A dental surgery is a base that most of us, however, forget about. The effects are mourning, because it turns out that over 90% of people have caries! This in turn means a bad smell of the mouth and a whole list of problems within the oral cavity. The matter is simple: do you want to be well cared for? Do not shy away from your dentist and visit him at least once every six months. Cosmeticist – a guy at a beautician’s? That does not shock anybody anymore. Many men regularly visit beauty salons, not only to take care of their nails, but also to regulate eyebrows, moisturize their skin or to depilate it. Of course, no one tells you to stay in a beauty parlour, but one visit a month is advisable. Hairdresser – it’s clear that everyone goes to the hairdresser, but the question is: how often do you go there? Well, that’s it. An average person goes to a hairdresser every 2-3 months, which is far too rare. A hairdresser’s salon should be visited once a month. Otherwise, you may forget to keep your hair neatly styled. Besides, beautiful, evenly cut hair is one of the most important attributes of a man and your natural decoration. Golibrod – after many years the famous barber shops returned to Europe, which happened on the wave of fashion for wearing beards. Though a thick beard is no longer the peak of hypnosis, many men still wear beards for comfort and well-being. The beard is very male, some of the women behind it are crazy, but remember an important thing: the beard must be neat, evenly trimmed and soft (this is what you will achieve with special beard products). So if you’re wearing beards, it’s important to look for a professional razor in your area. Gym – or any other place where you can take care of your muscles, throw your tires off your abdomen and just feel much better. Doing sports is a great way to cope with stress, mental fatigue and, of course, to improve the condition of your body. The gym is so cool that you can use it all year round and carve your body beautifully, as most guys dream of.

Recognized theory. It is time to move on to practical activities, i.e. looking for these places in the area and making an appointment for your first visit. You’ll find it really worth it!

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