Supplements for athletes

Maintaining full physical availability is a task for every athlete, without which it is difficult to prepare properly for subsequent championship competitions. In maintaining such a form, supplementation tailored to the individual needs of each athlete certainly plays a huge role. Supplements for professional athletes are much more expensive, because they are of much better quality. They are not usually standard supplements that can be bought on auction portals for a few dozen zlotys. They are professionally prepared, because their production must take into account that they can not contain substances considered to be doping. For taking them, athletes may be disqualified even for several years.


Supplements for athletes can be divided into ergogenic and food. Especially the first group is of great importance for the functioning of an athlete. They are responsible for increasing endurance, building mass and muscle tissue. These are essential elements during many training cycles.

Many supplements are based on caffeine. This is the most popular substance with stimulating qualities. It has been proven to improve physical performance. It is a universal ingredient which also improves concentration, which is very important in sports. Caffeine is available in tablets. It is used by representatives of almost all disciplines, which confirms its universality.

Creatine enjoys popularity, especially in strength sports. It is found in our muscles. If it is bound with phosphorus during exercise, it will provide a huge dose of energy necessary during a short but intensive effort.

Beta-alanine is a substance essential in the process of carnosine production. It is a special peptide which has buffering and antioxidant properties. It is used by athletes participating in sports which require at least intermediate level of fitness, such as middle-distance runners.  It is also used in bodybuilding.

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