Prepare for an incredible taste experience with Weber

April and May are the months when you can start barbecuing successfully. If you are counting on a great taste experience, let’s not decide to buy any equipment. Sometimes a barbecue purchased accidentally is of low durability and poor capacity. Whether you’re going to barbecue with your family or your friends, it’s a good idea to equip yourself with Weber barbecues. Why are they recommendable? Because they use the most modern solutions that will make every lunch on the terrace the essence of pleasure.
iGrill3 – innovation in barbecuing ideal dishes
Do you like barbecue parties and are interested in the latest developments in the kitchen? So we have something that interests you! IGrill3 is an accessory to the latest Weber grills, a perfect example of the extremely comfortable technology proposed by the manufacturer, in terms of controlling many parameters of the dish on an ongoing basis. This unique and innovative thermometer controls the state of food preparation using an application installed on a portable device. iGrill3 connects to portable devices using Bluetooth. The information collected by the probes is sent directly as a message to a synchronized smartphone with the application installed. It will give your family and friends a reputation as a culinary genius, so it’s worth mentioning that Weber has prepared a special offer for you to receive iGrill 3 as a gift!
iGrill3 has two AA batteries, which allow up to 200 hours of operation. This should be enough for one or even two barbecue seasons. In addition, the integrated smart-LED lighting informs the user about the quality of the connection and the battery status. There are two probes in the iGrill3 kit, but up to 4 probes can be extended with the iGrill3. iGrill3 can operate at very high temperatures, up to 360 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it while cooking on the grill.
IGrill3 is an excellent alternative to simple thermometers with electronic display, which have a special tip for measuring the temperature of the food. This is a unique addition mounted on the grill, which displays various parameters on the mobile device screen with the appropriate system (Android or iOS). This way, the control over the grilled dish is very detailed, which helps to avoid mistakes in the form of serving a raw or burnt meal.
Special instructions are included with the Weber thermometers to find out what temperature each food needs. In this way, we will prepare a meal that is ideal in terms of taste and consistency.
How do Weber grills influence the taste experience in a different way?
The Weber barbecues are also equipped with other unique solutions, thanks to which everyone can become a genius in the kitchen and easily prepare dishes that are no different from those served by masters in their profession in well-known restaurants. The GBS system is an excellent example of this. Grills with this system are equipped with a two-part grate, which can be replaced with a cartridge for any purpose. This makes it possible to prepare various dishes – such as pancakes or pizza – and not only those inseparably associated with grilling.
Weber brand promotion – iGrill3 for free!
In the latest Weber promotion, buyers of the Genesis II gas grill who decide to buy by 22 April can count on receiving the iGrill3 thermometer as a gift. All you need to do is register your purchase on the brand website. Thanks to such a thermometer the preparation of grilled dishes, which are excellent in terms of taste, will be much easier. So take this opportunity to prepare for your May barbecue!

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