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Many people at some stage of weight loss are starting to think about taking some pills. Some even start with them, the only important thing is that they follow a proper diet and physical activity. Opinions about slimming pills vary widely. Some people say that this is a throwing of money into the mud, others even threaten with side effects and various problems. There is also no shortage of people who use them regularly and are very satisfied with the results. It is a fact that the number of different preparations on the market is very large, and indeed some of them may not work. Generally, however, most of the products offered for sale can be recommended to people who want to lose a few pounds, it is important only to properly match them to their needs and then to use them as recommended. The differences in the tablets are primarily due to the way in which they work, which is influenced by their composition. The following slimming preparations are the most commonly chosen:
Appetite suppressant tablets
Their main task is to limit the amount of food consumed by them by ensuring the feeling of satiety. This can be achieved in several ways, including the use of natural vegetable fibres and special substances. Fibers swelling in the stomach fill it, so the body gets a signal that it no longer needs food. The tablets also use various compounds, deceiving in a way the brain, which thinks that the body is already eaten. For example, Adipex contains a substance called fenterminal resin, it causes a significant decrease in appetite and reduces the need for food. Merida tablets, on the other hand, contain monohydrate sibutramine, a substance that blocks neurotransmitters and also gives the feeling of saturation.
Thermogenic tablets
It is a group of preparations containing substances accelerating metabolism and increasing metabolism. These pills are often also called fat burners, because their use quickly reduces body fat while releasing large amounts of heat. These compounds are found in some foods, including caffeine and guarana. Thermogenic tablets give the best results with proper physical activity, then their effectiveness is really high.
Tablets to reduce fat absorption
Tablets of this type have substances in their composition that block absorption of fat in the intestines, thanks to which the body receives much less fat. Their action is based on blocking digestive enzymes, thus reducing the number of fat cells by up to 30 percent. Such peculiarities are often used by athletes, but in ordinary weight loss diets they also work very well.
Modern slimming agents, such as Kaplanex (see opinions on caplanex), consist of several substances with different effects and are therefore difficult to classify unambiguously. Everything indicates that the market of slimming preparations will move in this direction, as this solution is much more effective, and at the same time safe for tablet users.
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