One space with multiple functions How to reconcile the

Certainly, each of us would like to have at our disposal a large space in his or her house or apartment. However, our experience shows that often our four corners do not allow us to furnish a wardrobe in one interior, a bedroom in another, a lounge in another, or the one in which we receive our guests. We often live in multifunctional spaces that serve both relaxation and work, where guests come and where we also eat. How to emphasize this multifunctionality, is there any idea for it?
The screen will work!
It turns out that interior design specialists know perfectly well the solution, thanks to which we will be able to very clearly, stylishly and interestingly at the same time separate different areas of the same interior. It is, of course, a peaceful screen.
If someone would think that this option appeared recently, he or she is wrong. It is worth mentioning that this portable wall with movable wings appeared already in the 7th century in China. At that time, however, its destiny was somewhat different from what it is today. In the Far East, the screen protected against draughts, but today it is much more versatile. A screen made of folding panels ideally isolates different areas of a room from each other, but it will not only do so. It will also be a very good solution when we simply want to decorate our space in a stylish way, and wall decorations do not seem to us to be the only right solution. We must also mention that it is through partitions that we can give a room a specific climate – for example, when we think that our four angles are too ordinary or too trivial.
How much does it cost?
It would seem that multifunctionality costs money, and if you think of room-designed decorative screens, they will certainly be very expensive. This is not true, however, because everyone can afford to buy them and thanks to that they can have a stylish variety of their four walls. And that’s what we like!

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