Morning sore throat Why do you have difficulty swallowing saliva when you wake up

Throat pain after waking up does not necessarily mean that you are ill. It cannot be denied, however, that this is a very annoying condition, to which many people complain. After waking up, do you have major problems swallowing saliva and do you think you have angina or at least pharyngitis? There are at least a few reasons for this. We describe them in our guide.
No humidification
A healthy person should not complain about a sore throat during the day. This is due to the absorption of liquids. Coffee, tea, water and the water contained in the meals effectively moisten the mucous membrane of the throat. In addition, we are constantly on the move, breathing more often through our noses. All this protects your throat from drying out.
At night, when we sleep, the moisture level of the mucosa decreases dramatically. All this is because most people involuntarily breathe through their mouths. After several hours of such increased inhalation, the throat becomes dry. That’s why swallowing saliva in the morning can be very difficult and painful. But this symptom elapses when the first cup of tea or a glass of water is drunk.
Alleged phlegm
Phlegm, otherwise called sputum, plays a very important role in the body. Its purpose is to catch various contaminants entering the respiratory system, including allergens, dust, bacteria and viruses. Hence, the natural reflex of the mascara, especially frequent in smokers and people in polluted environments.
While sleeping, we do not feel the need to uncouple the remaining phlegm. Therefore, when you wake up, you may have the impression that you have a thick mass in your throat that makes swallowing difficult. When you get rid of it, you will feel relieved right away.
Sleeping during the night can and does make it easier to sleep in the hot evenings, but it does not have a good effect on the throat and paranasal sinuses. If you sleep close to an open window, don’t be surprised if you complain about a sore throat in the morning. What’s more, this can put you at risk of illness.
During sleep, your immune system is also slightly asleep, making it easier for viruses and bacteria to target you. Sleeping in the air is a simple way to inflame your throat, tonsillitis, ear infection or sinusitis.
How do I minimize the effect of a sore throat when I wake up?
If you are bothered by morning sore throat, make sure that your mucous membrane is properly moisturized. You can try spray agents or seawater in an aerosol. It is necessary to ventilate the bedroom, but do not sleep when the window is open. You can also invest in an electronic air humidifier, bearing in mind that it needs to be decontaminated regularly – over time it will become a habitat for bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Also note the often underestimated trifle. We are talking about a frequent change of bedding. This should be done at least once a week in the summer. Mites and other contaminants, as well as moulds, accumulate in the bedding. By inhaling them while you sleep, you “work” for morning sore throats.

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