Lcarnitine is one of the most popular supplements in the world

L-carnitine is well known by bodybuilders, but also by people who want to lose weight quickly. This substance, which naturally occurs in the human body, has a very broad effect, but it produces the best effects in an appropriately high concentration. One that is not provided by diet alone. That’s why L-carnitine is a very popular supplement.
What is L-carnitine?
The existence of L-carnitine in human muscle tissue was confirmed already in 1905. Since then, research has been underway into the effects of this substance on our bodies. Carnitine occurs in two forms: D and L. The former is inactive, while the latter, called lefthanded, has both physiological and therapeutic effects.
There is about 20 g of L-carnitine in the human body. The vast majority of this substance is supplied with food. L-carnitine is mainly synthesized in the liver, partly also in the kidneys, heart, intestines and skeletal muscles.
Sources of L-carnitine
Most of the L-carnitine is found in meat and dairy products. This is why the shortage of this substance mainly affects people on vegan and vegetarian diets. The demand for carnitine increases significantly during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
When the body is unable to supplement L-carnitine deficiency due to the diet alone, the use of supplements is recommended. Most often, they are used by people practicing at the gym and trying to throw away unnecessary pounds and work out a slender, carved silhouette. The properties of carnitine are used here.
L-carnitine for exercise and diet
The main characteristic of L-carnitine is the improvement of fat metabolism processes. Supplementing this substance therefore makes it easier to lose weight. Carnitine is one of the main components of weight loss products. It is also worth knowing that a diet alone, without providing the body with enough L-carnitine, seldom produces satisfactory results.
L-carnitine is also used by people practicing strength and fitness sports. In their case, the effect of reducing muscle fatigue is desired. L-carnitine reduces catabolism, i.e. the breakdown of muscle fibres, and improves overall body performance.
Despite the very good properties of L-carnitine, you should not expect that taking the supplement alone will guarantee great results. Losing weight and sculpting the body also requires exercises and a transition to a healthy, balanced diet.

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