Investment in a company during the period of suspension of economic activity

Suspending business activity is one of the best ways to avoid the costs of running a business during a downturn, during the off-season or during an entrepreneur’s illness. The suspension can last from 30 days up to 24 months if the company does not employ employees. It is worth knowing that suspension does not always mean that there are no further costs. Some expenses still need to be incurred or are worthwhile.
Server space
Nowadays, almost every entrepreneur has a website, which is the basic source of information about the company and its offer. Even during the suspension period, don’t forget to pay for your server space. The cost is relatively low (several hundred dollars per year), and after resuming your business you will still have your own website. The price of creating it from scratch will certainly be much higher.
Updating of the website
You can, of course, update the content yourself and pay nothing for it. However, if you need to update a content management system or plugin, for example, rather than being too familiar with it, it’s better to have a professional do this. Ideally, it should be entrusted to the agency that created the page.
Content marketing
Investing in content marketing during a company’s suspension period makes sense. Above all, such actions should be carried out continuously, without too long a break, because then they bring the best results. In addition, content marketing will not allow customers to forget about your business.
When you return to the market, you will have a solid basis for winning orders. Your brand will not be completely anonymous to your customers. Therefore, it is worth investing in running a blog, profiles in social media or regularly publishing sponsored articles on various websites.
Investing in content marketing during the suspension period will be great for seasonal businesses. For example: run a boarding house by the sea and hang up your company for the winter. However, as early as January, start to reach customers who are looking for vacation offers.
Remember that investments in a company made during the period of suspension of business activity will not be counted as tax deductible costs. Nevertheless, do not give up on the details that you have read about in our guide. This way, you won’t be able to start from scratch once you’ve restarted your business.

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