Internet and business an opportunity for entrepreneurial women

The Internet has revolutionised many areas of life, including entrepreneurship. On the border of virtual and real, many new activities have been created, both in services, commerce, production and education. On the one hand, online activity is still a novelty, and on the other hand, certain regularities in the dynamics of rapid change are already visible and allow us to focus on activities that increase the effectiveness of online business. The Internet is also a unique opportunity for active women.
The situation of women on the labour market, mainly due to motherhood, is special, regardless of whether the social policy of the state is conducive to fulfilling maternal duties or, as it was until recently, it is completely indifferent to the status of mothers and their chances of developing their professional life.
It is not always possible to return to work quickly, and maternity leave is also a revaluation of life goals, and often women are aware that they would like to combine their private and professional lives effectively, while at the same time shaping them with the greatest possible direct impact. Hence, it is only a step to make a decision about trying one’s own strength in business. This is where the Internet comes in, both when we want to run a business exclusively online, and when we see many opportunities for business development, by combining activities in the “real” with the “virtual”.
Are there online activity profiles that are predisposed to involving women in particular? Is it possible to “learn” business?
Learn business? We can, for sure, get to know the basic formalities and mechanisms that will allow us to create and then skilfully manage the company, so that its position on the market will stabilize and develop in the future – says WÄ™gĹ‚owski, a specialist for business and education in the TEB Edukacja school network.
Degrees and courses offered by e-business studies and courses are very popular among students of all ages who want to develop their professional competences or gain qualifications in completely new professions. This is often the first step on the road to your business.
Among the popular faculties (including training, vocational courses) are those aimed at helping in effective creation of companies (e.g. teaching market analysis, etc.). Indeed, online business can be a great way to combine homework and work, which is much more rewarding than a full-time job.
Women’s online business
What online activities are particularly attractive for women who focus on their own business? What is worth getting involved in, even though there is a lot of competition? Indeed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find undeveloped niches on the Internet.
The basic principle of working for online corporate success? Let’s deal with what we know about, without necessarily having an education or even experience in this field. It happens anyway that we can earn great money on our passions.
It is no secret, for example, that entering the vlogosphere and acquiring new subscriptions, as well as building a wider platform of online activities (social media) gives a chance not only to receive new gifts from the manufacturers of advertised products and services, but also to earn a stable income. Creating a community around the vlogue is not an easy job at all.
Consistency (regular publications), ingenuity, a sense of trends and the preparation of answers to them make it possible to start profitable online activity – especially in typically female subjects (vlogues connected with parenthood – the so-called parenting, interior design and DIY, fashion, visage, etc.).
e-commerce continues to grow most rapidly. The number of shops operating within such platforms is the best proof that it is still worth getting involved in such activity. You can sell both the most popular products and find your niche through online trading, such as increasingly fashionable handicrafts. It is therefore possible to combine production and trade without the need for intermediaries.
In a flood of identical goods, unique products, such as handmade products, according to their own design, are becoming increasingly important. Thanks to this, people with artistic stubbornness can combine pleasant with useful and earn money by selling their crafts online. Example: What about? Clothes, accessories, toys, jewellery, dishes – in your own online shops.
The development of IT has resulted, among other things, in a significant simplification of the technical aspects of setting up e-shops, which is also associated with lower and lower costs of creating and running them. All the more so, it can be an incentive for you to try your hand at the web.

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