Interior rails for every efficient drawer

With runners for furniture, efficient use of the cabinet is the order of the day. They make every reach for the item inside the drawer a pleasure. To choose the right slide to suit the individual needs of each user it is important to know their characteristics and parameters. This will enable you to choose the right one for your particular needs.

Features of a furniture slide

A slide is not the same as a cabinet slide. Each has slightly different characteristics that should be used in different rooms. Some of the most common features that will determine the purpose of a slide are:
1) Load capacity of the slide – this is a very important parameter. A slide that is too weak may not be able to withstand the heavy loads inside the drawer. Heavy papers or books may change the shape and structure of the slide, bending it and in extreme cases breaking it. This can make it difficult or even impossible to use the drawer. So if you’re using the drawer to hold heavy items such as kitchen utensils or large amounts of paper it’s a good idea to choose larger capacity slides such as ball bearing slides. If you’re using it for lighter items you can go for a less expensive roller slide with a lower load rating.
2) If you have a deep drawer it may be worth opting for slides with more extension beyond the edge of the sideboard. Then you won’t have to fiddle around to reach deep items in the drawer. Using a drawer will be several times more convenient.
3) peace and quiet – in rooms where peace and quiet are valued, the use of soft close runners will be ideal. You will be able to forget about closing drawers slowly and gently and making unpleasant noises when this rule is not followed. A soft-closing system, including a self-closing system, will stop the drawer before it reaches the end of its travel, ensuring that no member of the household will be able to get up on straight legs.


Fitting a slide can be very easy or quite difficult. It all depends on what type of slide you want to install. If you’re installing the simpler, lower load capacity versions, such as roller guides, then anyone can do the job. However, if you’re planning on installing a larger capacity ball bearing slide, it’s worth getting advice from a professional who can handle this more difficult task better.

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