Interesting software for removing spyware software

Spyware is a very malicious spyware that not only steals information about you, but can also make harmful changes on your computer and web browser. A symptom of the device being infected is a significant slowdown of work and, among other things, change of the homepage or the search engine itself. Not every antivirus program can handle this type of software. Fortunately, there are effective and free spyware search and removal programs available. These are our proposals.


This is probably the most popular program, which performs very well with removing not only spyware, but also malware and ransomware. The program is available in two versions: paid and free. The difference is that in the first case the user is guaranteed real-time protection.

It is worth knowing

Malwarebytes is installed as a premium version after download from the manufacturer. After 14 days part of the function expires and then you can either buy the package or stop at the free version.

The operation of the program is very easy – just run a scanner, which will check carefully whether the dangerous software is accidentally nested on your computer. In this case it is sufficient to confirm the removal of the pests.

Dr. Web Curelt!

This program combines the functions of an anti-malware scanner and an antivirus tool. It is characterized by excellent versatility, although we do not recommend using it instead of specialized antivirus. Dr. Web Curelt is a great performer in searching for threats on your computer and then removing them. The list of his talents is very long and the high sensitivity of the filters is confirmed by the users. An additional advantage is that you can locate and remove unwanted plugins for your browser.


We recommend this program only to advanced users who are able to read the logos and make informed decisions about deleting unwanted entries in the Windows registry. This is a basic skill of HijackThis. The program is very detailed, scans the system in detail in search of malicious entries, which are the main cause of changes in the browser or motorway system.

Once a log report has been made, the program allows you to remove malicious codes. However, the decision is made by the user, so you can easily inadvertently cause damage to the system and destabilize the operation of the computer.

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