How to treat difficultto heal wounds

Hard to heal wounds – how to treat them quickly and effectively?
The progress made in medicine has allowed a thorough understanding of the healing process of wounds. Knowledge supported by technologies allowed effective treatment of even very difficult wounds. The treatment process is currently supported by supportive methods, both by specialised dressings and preparations and by the method of tissue approximation with the use of surgical threads.
What is wound and what are its types?
A wound is a term used to describe damage to skin and sometimes even tissues and deeper organs caused by mechanical, thermal or chemical trauma.
Mechanical injuries cause types of wounds such as abrasions, cuts, cuts, forged wounds, bites and surgical wounds.
Wounds caused by thermal or chemical injuries include: all types of burns, i.e. thermal, chemical, electrical and radiant burns.
Another type of wound is wounds that are difficult to heal due to ulcers caused by disease.
A chronic wound is the last group of wounds that includes bedsores, varicose ulcers, neuropathic ulcers and ulcers caused by infections or by radiotherapy or cancer processes.
How to treat wounds?
The development of medicine has made the process of wound treatment more complex and its course and type has been determined by the needs and types of wounds. Their treatment may therefore be quicker or longer, with immediate or prolonged results in the case of infections. Different wound dressings and a wide range of preparations will support the natural healing process while accelerating it. When treating wounds, details are extremely important, so it is worth focusing on the specific properties of the dressing materials. The wound healing environment provided by the appropriate dressing accelerates the healing process by up to three times. The right type of dressing in combination with appropriate disinfection is a guarantee of achieving the desired result in the treatment process while minimizing the possibility of complications.
Granuflex Extra Thin Dressing
It is a professional hydrocolloid dressing designed to treat chronic wounds in their final healing stage. The material of the dressing maintains a moist environment, conducive to the treatment process. Additionally, it is translucent, which makes it easier to put on and observe the wound, which allows to limit the frequency of changing the dressing to the necessary minimum. The water-resistant properties of granuflex extra thin allow it to stay on the wounds for a long time and its elasticity allows it to be applied on all parts of the body, including those difficult to treat at the same time thanks to its shape, size and adhesion system, greatly reduces the risk of damage to newly formed tissue because the adhesive layer adheres only to healthy, dry skin and not to the surface of the wound. A layer of soft and flexible foam minimises the effects of accidental secondary injury.
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