How to silence an apartment 7 proven ways

Living in a multi-family house requires accepting certain inconveniences, among which noise is the leading factor. It can run from other apartments (usually on the upper floor), but also from a crowded street, parking lot or playground. If noise becomes a real nuisance, it is a good idea to counteract it. Contrary to appearances, moving is not the only solution. Learn about 7 proven ways to mute your home.
Decreasing the ceiling – this method is quite expensive and invasive, but it is also very effective, especially if the noise comes from the upper floor. The suspended ceiling will allow you to isolate yourself from them – it is worth using soundproofing wool or special mats. However, it should be remembered that lowering the ceiling will optically reduce the size of the apartment. External roller shutters – this is a great way to reduce the noise coming from outside. Such a solution should be decided by those whose windows overlook the parking lot or busy street. Roller shutters will also provide excellent protection against heat and sun. Replacing windows is a costly but effective solution. By the way, the new windows will reduce heat losses, which will translate into lower heating bills. Modern windows in the three-glazing version guarantee that the apartment will become much quieter. Soundproofing mats – they should be used in a room that serves only for work and does not have to look elegant. Acoustic mats are used in professional recording studios and provide excellent noise insulation. Wallpaper – of course, the wallpaper is thin, but it is still a barrier to noise. You can hear the voices of your neighbours less through the walls covered with wallpaper, so if you are planning renovation and do not insist on painting, think about wallpaper. Natural “sound attenuators” – All sounds are much less audible in rooms filled with various objects that introduce an atmosphere of cosiness. It can be e.g. a carpet (perfectly insulated from noise from below), thick curtains, pillows, but also spreadable flowers. Soundproofing mat for entrance doors – Very often the main source of noise is the staircase, especially if the apartment is located on the ground floor. In this case, it may be helpful to install a soundproofing mat for the entrance door, which will also provide thermal insulation.
None of these methods have produced satisfactory results? In such a case, you only have to move home in the countryside.

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