How to sell effectively stepbystep guide

How to sell effectively – step-by-step guide
In 6 steps you will learn the secrets of successful sales. Meetings and business talks with customers are a key element of the sales process. Preparing for a meeting, preparing an offer or closing a sale are sometimes a bit complicated, but their proper preparation and standardization will certainly translate into your success.
You will find out in 6 steps: What are the concerns of customers when they decide to buy? How do I define the target group of my customers? Why build a customer database? How do I make business calls by phone? What is a mailing and how to do it? How to prepare for a business meeting? Does dress matter? What should a commercial offer contain? How to get the customer to buy? Is after-sales service important?
Know the product and specify the target group You want to sell more? To do this, start by getting to know your products/services well. Then identify and recognize the target group of customers you want to reach – their needs and dilemmas. Once you’ve done this, buy or build a database of potential customers you’ll be contacted. read more
First contact with a potential customer Time to start real sales activities. The most important thing is to make the first contact with the potential customer. The easiest way is to take the phone and call. Find out what the first telephone conversation should look like, learn an example of it, and how to not let go of it. Another equally simple way to make first contact is to do mailing. Learn how to prepare an effective mailing, and what tools to use to send your messages. read more
How to prepare for a meeting with a customer? We all know that meetings with customers can be stressful, but if you get to know the customer’s needs well and prepare a trade offer, you can significantly increase your chances of concluding a contract. Learn how to prepare for your meeting with the customer, how to prepare an offer and what it should contain. read more
How to run a sales meeting? If you have prepared well for a meeting with a potential customer it is time to test yourself in battle. Learn how to successfully run a sales meeting. What you do first impress on whether you are interested in the customer, and how you prepare and present the offer, has a huge impact on his final decision. read more
Closing techniques Contacts with potential customers are developing, you have managed to build a relationship, but the customer still does not seem to be fully convinced? Learn how to ultimately influence a counterparty’s decision and convince them to enter into a transaction. read more
After-sales service A reliable and regular customer is a treasure for every company. There are several possibilities to keep a contractor with you. But each way you do it is that the customer needs to feel the support and help of the company, even after the purchase. read more

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