How to save on currency exchange online

Internet exchange offices are not a new phenomenon on the American financial services market – the first services of this type were created in 2009, and favourable changes in the law made the offer of currency exchange platforms very popular. Which groups of customers use their services? Why decide to exchange currencies online?
Who uses online currency exchange?
Thanks to the low spread and convenient access to services, the Internet exchange offices have become a permanent feature of the financial services market, receiving a very positive reception from customers. The offer of online services is used by several groups of recipients, among which the most important ones are people who have loans taken out in foreign currencies. This group includes both individual customers, debtors in the Swiss franc and companies with liabilities, e.g. in euro. More attractive exchange rates make transactions much more profitable than in the case of traditional exchange offices or banks. The business sector particularly liked the offer of e-cantors – thanks to a favourable spread companies can optimize the costs associated with running a business. A separate group of recipients are people who earn money in foreign currencies and who want to quickly and conveniently convert their salaries into zlotys in order to transfer money to their families.
How do e-cantors work?
There are many services on the American market that enable you to buy and sell currencies via the Internet. One of the outstanding entities is the Fritz Exchange, which allows you to execute transactions 24 hours a day. Currency exchange at Fritz exchange office is very simple – just open a free account at the service and have 2 bank accounts that will be used to transfer funds – PLN and FX. After logging in to the online currency exchange platform, you only need to select the office you are interested in, transfer the zloty to a special sub-account and withdraw from it the euro, pounds, francs, etc. to your currency account. The service is intuitive and can be used by anyone who has carried out transactions related to online banking at least once.
Why does it pay?

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