How to quickly level walls in your home

Curved walls are a nightmare for the owner of an old or unprofessionally built house. The fault is usually attributed to bricklayers or plasterers. If it has not been repaired in time under the warranty, the owner will have to bear the financial consequences and spend a lot of money on aligning the walls. Fortunately, it can be done quite quickly and at a reasonable cost.
Gypsum plasterboards with help of
From the point of view of time and economy, the best solution to the problem of wall curves is to use plasterboards. They are mounted on previously prepared frames. We do not recommend the method of gluing the boards directly to the wall, because it will not allow to level the curves, and moreover, it may result in cracking of the stone in the future.
The use of the frame also has its drawbacks. The biggest thing is that, unfortunately, the room area will be reduced (by the thickness of the frames).
Gypsum plasterboards are perfectly even, so as soon as they are screwed to the frame, you can start to make a thin layer of stone and paint. The work progresses quickly and the investor can be sure that once and for all he will get rid of the problem of curvature.
If not discs, then…
An alternative solution is to rework the plaster. Currently, gypsum plaster dominates, but there are still teams specializing in applying mineral plaster. The choice belongs to the investor – it should depend not only on the price, but also on the microclimate prevailing in the house (high humidity disqualifies the use of gypsum plaster).
It should be remembered that in the case of very large curves it may not be possible to apply new plaster. No professional plasterer will attempt to make a layer, e.g. 5 centimetres, because the durability of such a layer cannot be guaranteed.
In such a situation, either the panels mentioned above are selected or the most uneven walls are demolished and bricked up anew. This solution is the most expensive and time-consuming, so few investors will decide on it.
Watch the team!
In construction, as in many areas of life, it is better to prevent problems than to fight them later. Therefore, if you are in the process of building a house, it is essential to look at the contractors’ hands. Carefully check angles and curves before accepting masonry work. Use a long masonry batten for this. If you are not able to use it, ask the site manager for an inspection.
The same applies to the acceptance of plaster work. Plaster curves will be very difficult to repair in the future (it may even be impossible), so if the contractor turned out to be a contractor, do not agree to settle the works. It is your home, your money and you who will suffer the consequences of someone’s incompetence.

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