How to pack shipping posters Proven ways

Collection of designer posters has become very popular in recent years. More and more people are also more likely to use posters than traditional paintings when decorating walls. It is therefore hardly surprising that shops distributing this type of material are under siege, and the problem arises here: how can posters be packed in order to reach the recipient safely? There is a proven way to do this – just use cardboard shipping tubes.
Cardboard tubes – ideal for posters
When sending posters, take special care to ensure that they reach their destination intact. Creased, torn or damaged will be of no value to the customer. Therefore, it is best to roll them up and place them in special cardboard tubes. Professional shipping tubes for transporting posters and maps of all sizes can be found in this store: Tubes/tubes-tubes-tubes-tubes_. The seller’s offer includes both white and brown cardboard tubes with plugs, as well as square shipping tubes.
Shipping tubes – what are their types?
Cardboard tubes are the best way to protect posters, maps and other large-format paper objects during transport. The shipping tubes are made of high quality cardboard, thanks to which they provide excellent protection for the goods placed in them. Importantly, they are very lightweight and therefore do not increase transport costs.
What types of cardboard tubes can be found in the shops?
Brown cardboard tubes with stoppers
White cardboard tubes with stoppers
Square dispatch tubes
It is also worth noting that cardboard tubes are available in many sizes, thanks to which they can be easily adjusted to the size of the shipment.
Step-by-step packaging for your poster
How to pack a poster so that it reaches the customer in perfect condition? First of all, it should be gently rolled up and carefully placed in a cardboard tube. It is worth remembering that the poster does not need to be additionally locked with the use of recipe erasers or adhesive tape, because when the poster is inserted into the tube, it will not develop by itself. The next step is to place a small amount of bubble film at the ends of the tube, which will effectively prevent the poster from sliding. Finally, the tube should be closed with plastic decals, which in turn should be additionally sealed with adhesive tape so that they cannot open.

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