How to live in harmony with your housemate Key principles

For some it is the worst nightmare, for others it is a great way to save. A flat with a roommate is certainly not a dream come true, but there is no shortage of people who simply have no other choice. Most often, students, sometimes also elderly or single people, decide to take such a step. Living under one roof with a stranger does not have to be a drama, but only on condition that certain rules are established immediately. You can read about them in our guide.
Clear allocation of responsibilities
Renters are equally responsible for the appearance and maintenance of their home. There is nothing worse than a system in which one person is a pedant and the other is a messenger. This is a ready-made recipe for disaster, which is why it is important to clarify these issues before deciding to live under one roof. It is worth to create a clear schedule in which the duties of roommates will be listed. This really helps and cuts off any speculation.
Privacy by design
Living under the same roof does not mean that you have to set up a community right away. They have a sacred right to privacy, which the other party cannot interfere with. So make sure you don’t enter your rooms without knocking and never in the absence of the tenant. Before organizing an event or simply inviting friends, it is always a good idea to make sure that the other person does not mind it.
The issue of purchasing and cooking
In practice, this is the field that gives rise to the most tenant conflicts. That is why it is necessary to set strict rules. Ideally, each housemate should have their own fridge at their disposal, but this is rarely the case. So share the shelves and don’t pick up the products. You can also arrange to have lunches with them if your duties or scientific duties overlap. It will be cheaper, and it will speed up the integration process.
They are unavoidable, because people from different backgrounds, different characters and different habits are to live under one roof. So determine what compromises you can make in order to have a positive impact on your relationship. If one person smokes, do not forbid him/her to do so, but mark for example that he/she is going on a balloon on the balcony or in front of the cage. If your housemate wants to have a pet, such as a dog, she should not be allowed access to the other housemate’s room.
Living with a housemate is not easy. Economic benefits are, of course, a big advantage, but you must assume that sooner or later there will be a conflict between you. The more precisely you agree on the terms and conditions for living together, the less risk there is of misunderstanding. It is not worth leaving everything to chance.

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