How to fight heat Learn how to effectively refresh

Although the holidays are slowly coming to an end, the heat is not forgiving! How to find a way of effective, yet healthy and tasty refreshment? Below we have prepared some suggestions for you!
Sun-filled skies and high temperatures outside the window are a source of joy for many of us. Nevertheless, we must not forget that during hot days it is extremely important to maintain an appropriate level of hydration of the body. By providing the right amount of water, we are not only able to protect ourselves from the risk of dehydration, but also to improve our well-being. However, cold water is not the only way to achieve effective refreshment. How are there other options?
First: Cyrus and mint
What ingredients do you need?
1 large lemon;
1 lime;
A spoonful of large-flowered honey;
Several mint leaves
Preparation: To prepare a refreshing citrus drink, cut into slices of lemon and lime and pour cold mineral water over them. Add to this a large spoon of honey and mix thoroughly. Then throw a few fresh mint leaves and a few ice cubes into the jug.
Second: Raspberries and blueberries
What ingredients do you need?
About 1 glass of fresh raspberries;
About 1 glass of blueberries;
2 mint leaves for decoration;
1 tablespoon of honey or molasses of cane sugar;
A few ice cubes.
Preparation: First, rinse all the fruits thoroughly and then put them in the blender. Then add a few ice cubes and optionally a teaspoon of honey or cane sugar molasses. Now mix all the ingredients thoroughly, pour the cocktail into tall glasses and decorate with a mint leaf.
Thirdly: green cucumber and lime
What ingredients do you need?
Approximately 1 litre of still mineral water;
1 green cucumber;
1 lime;
Several mint leaves;
A few ice cubes;
A cinnamon rod;
A small teaspoon of freshly grated ginger;
1 tablespoon of honey or 2 teaspoons of xylitol.
Preparation: Cucumber and lime cut into slices, then put them in a high vessel and pour in water. Season a drink with mint, cinnamon, honey and ginger. Finally, add a few ice cubes to it and mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
Fourthly: Watermelon
What ingredients do you need?
One peeled, seedless watermelon;
A few ice cubes;
A handful of raspberries/ strawberries;
2 teaspoons of coconut sugar;
Several leaves of mint.
Preparation: Dice up the watermelon and put it into the blender. Then add the remaining ingredients (raspberries, mint, ice and sugar) to the watermelon and mix thoroughly until you get a homogeneous mass.
Fifth: Currants and lemons
What ingredients do you need?
About 1 glass of currants;
1 lemon;
Approximately 0.7 l of carbonated mineral water;
1 tablespoon of honey;
A few ice cubes.
Preparation: Transfer a little pouring honey to the bottom of the tall glass or glass. Then place the carefully washed currants on a branch and the thinly sliced lemon in the pot. Then pour the gassed mineral water over the mixture and add a few ice cubes to it.

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