How to advertise in the press FOR FREE

You have to pay for advertising – everyone knows that. Free promotion tools are usually either inefficient or require a huge amount of time to operate, which also generates considerable costs. Well, unless we approach the subject cleverly and take advantage of the fact that there is sometimes a very fine line between advertising and content. This is particularly evident in the media world. In this article we will show you how you can advertise your business in the press for free.
Many entrepreneurs make the cardinal mistake of refusing to help journalists. You can expect that one day you will be called by someone from the editorial office of a magazine (or diary) and asked for an expert statement in an article. Never unscrew yourself! It is a great opportunity for your company’s brand to appear in the media, which is invaluable from the image point of view.
After giving an interview or a short statement, always ask for an article to be sent for authorisation. Journalists, especially those of the younger generation, tend to significantly distort the words of their interlocutors.
Suggest a topic
Companies, especially local ones, need interesting topics, such as the kite of rain. It is worth to use it and inspire the editorial office to write an article in which the name of your company can be mentioned. Of course, don’t count on someone to write and publish a paean in honor of your business for free. You have to be creative here.
Remember that the media work according to the seasonal clock, which means that every year exactly the same topics are repeated. So you can easily predict that your local newspaper will need an expert to tell you if it’s time to change tyres, which tan creams to use, etc., or if it’s not time to do so.
Organize an interesting action
the company adores events that attract a lot of participants, preferably still of a social and charitable nature. If you organize this type of action, you can be sure that information about it will appear in the local press – both in the form of an incident and in the form of a photo report. Of course, the organisation itself remains a problem, because here we are talking about considerable costs.
However, please note that this type of event is in itself a great way to promote your business. If you have a very limited budget, look for support e.g. in the town hall (however, the concept of the action must be good enough for the officials to reach for the commune budget) or involve sponsors in the project.
Free advertising in the press is therefore perfectly possible. In addition to these activities, it is also a very good idea to send press releases to the media – the more attractive the content, the greater the chance that an editorial office will use the information contained in a press release free of charge. However, here we recommend to start cooperation with an experienced public relations agency.

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