H45 drawer runners – what are they used for?

Drawer runners H45 are slightly heavier parts, which will be useful for medium and slightly larger size drawers. Such runners can be used both for a desk drawer or a wardrobe but also as an element of chest of drawers. Parts of this type are characterized by high durability so they can be mounted in furniture where the load of things is quite high.

H45 drawer runners – what are they used for?

H45 runners are mainly used for heavier drawers, or for those that are subject to heavy loads. For example, they are perfect as a piece of equipment for dresser drawers, which are equipped with large, heavy and deep drawers. Such runners can also be used to make a pull-out top of heavy material, such as solid wood. Such slides are available in several possible variants, which differ both in the material from which they are made and the principle of operation. Definitely the most durable are the steel guides, in which the moving element moves thanks to metal bearing balls. Aluminium slides and models with plastic rollers instead of balls will be much less durable and should not be used in heavier drawers.

What to remember when installing the slides?

The correct installation of the runners is the main factor determining whether the drawer will work fully correctly. First of all, they must be of the right length. They must certainly not be too short. Ideally, they should correspond to the depth of the drawer. However, it is known that this is not always possible, but care must be taken to ensure that they fit in the best possible way. Another issue is assembly precision. The runners should be screwed in straight and also on both sides the same way. Otherwise the drawer will not work properly. It may also jam or not close. If it is necessary to replace it, it is definitely best to replace two runners immediately – they will certainly work well together.


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