Furniture hinges – functionality

Furniture hinges - functionality

Furniture hinges will provide functionality

Furniture plays a very important role in interior design – not only do they give the style of the room, but also have to be characterized by functionality, make it easier to maintain order, guarantee a successful rest. Focusing on the overall appearance of furniture, we often forget about such important details as furniture handles or door hinges, which have a significant impact on the comfort and safety of use of a given piece of furniture.

Hinges for cupboards – different types

Until we plan to renovate furniture and replace cabinet door hinges on our own, we don’t usually realize how many different hinges there are on the market. Before we can buy, we need to define what we are looking for. Door hinges should be selected according to the material of the furniture, door dimensions and their location. We must also consider what angle of opening we want to open and in what style we want to keep our cabinets. There are hinges for wooden, chipboard or glass doors. The hinges differ from ordinary hinges in that they are adapted to doors with aluminium or wooden frames. It is also important how the doors are mounted to the cabinet: hinges for overlay doors differ in design from hinges for mortise doors, and corner cabinets also require a completely different hinge system. Selection of appropriate elements will not only guarantee comfortable use of the furniture, but – in many cases – will enable its installation at all, so before making a purchase, always make sure that we have purchased hinges that will fit our cabinets.

Once, all kinds of furniture fittings, drawer runner systems or door hinges were supposed to make furniture stable and functional. Today, this is definitely not enough – it turns out that such details have a great impact on the overall arrangement of the interior, so you should choose furniture accessories that have their unique style and original character. Due to the fact that rooms decorated in the atmosphere of old times are becoming more and more popular, it is worth taking a look at the retro style hinges available on the market. They are characterized by original design, attention to detail, solidity of workmanship and easy assembly. Such hinges are bought for art, so it is possible to use different types of hinges in adjacent cabinets, bearing in mind that they should harmonize with each other in style and color. Among the vintage hinges we can find simple, modest models as well as decorative patterns. The materials used to make aged furniture hinges are mainly steel and cast iron. We can find extremely impressive specimens deliberately rusted, choose such in a classic steel color, or opt for elegant black hinges for furniture.

Soft-Close Cabinet Hinge 110 degree

Cabinet Hinge 165 degree

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