Free online shop on PrestaShop software

The network does not lack examples of open source software for online shops, so called open source software for e-commerce. An example of this is PrestaShop, which is software made available under the Open Software License for users who want to create their own online shop. What are the advantages of Prestashop and why is it worth deciding on?

Main features of the software

Prestashop software provides many basic and additional functionalities for people who want to create and run an online shop based on free software. The administrators have at their disposal the WYSWIG editor, which makes it easier to enter the content on the shop’s website and modify it later. They can easily manage the service from the intuitive level of using the administration panel. At every stage of the store’s development, Prestashop can obtain support from technical support as well as from shop optimization for SEO activities.

Prestashop supports any number of language versions. It has a module for issuing invoices, which can be downloaded in a PDF file. It enables the management of deliveries and payments. The latter can be done by the customers of a ready, running shop using, among others, a credit card, PayPal. At international shops, Prestashop allows you to work in multiple currencies and convert them in real time at the current exchange rates.

The panel has been adapted in such a way as to quickly and effectively manage the product catalogue in the store, provide customer service according to quality standards and manage orders. Prestashop offers the possibility to operate RSS feeds and newsletters. You can offer tag clouds, tracking, RSS notifications, and barcode support to your customers. Product cards in the Prestashop store are created using friendly URLs with direct links, which makes it easier to position the store in the future.

Prestashop allows you to import data from shops previously based on osCommerce, implement a product search engine and a comparison engine.

Prestashop functions

The software is equipped with hundreds of possible options of shop templates, tailored to the industry, so everyone should find the perfect template for themselves. Later, just run the Prestashop shop wizard and create a shop that meets all the owner’s expectations. Shops on Prestashop platform, according to the latest trends, are easily displayed on various devices, of any screen size – they are fully scalable. Prestashop will enable the implementation of convenient payments, also in the form of payment gateways, provide customers with reliable delivery of products to customers and gain international markets. In addition, you can use a number of Prestashop modules, which are described in more detail on the website.

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