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What should we insure? Every day, most of us collect several phones with different offers, including insurance ones. Most often these are life insurance policies, but there are also proposals to insure a home, or health insurance.
Some of them are usually unprofitable in the world and others can be very useful and helpful in case of various unpredictable events that life writes. Which of them is worth considering?
Car insurance
While insurance is compulsory for every driver and there is no point in discussing its usefulness, there is already a greater problem with insurance. It is a voluntary agreement aimed at protecting our property, and not as in the case of health and property insurance for the injured. In the event that we are the culprits of an accident, we are not entitled to any insurance money. The only way to protect yourself against the costs of repairing your own vehicle is to take out insurance. Most insurers combine these two offers into one, thereby creating a package that should be affordable for us. It is also worth noting that the insurance is the same for every service provider (only the price is different), and in the case of insurance there may already be differences in the contract. This is the main reason why the offers of each of the available companies should be carefully compared,” says the expert from the portal.
Company insurance
Self-employed people should be well aware of how they can lose everything they have been working for years through one single factor. In order to run a business effectively, each of these people must have the appropriate equipment, office and, most often, staff, thanks to which work becomes simpler and the set goals are achieved more quickly. Being aware of the value of all these elements, the question arises of their protection. Good corporate insurance should not only cover tangible goods, such as electronic equipment, goods being transported, or personal property of employees. The most important thing is the company’s civil liability, i.e. insurance for the company. It is mainly insurance against liability for damage caused by the business activity. It is never known whether, as an entrepreneur, we will be accused of causing damage during our work.
Life insurance
Probably each one of us has already received a telephone with an offer of life insurance. This is because it is the most popular insurance offered by large companies, aimed at protecting our loved ones in the event of our death. It works in such a way that we pay the amount specified in the contract every month, and if an accident occurs or we die for natural reasons, the insurer pays the money to our family. In most cases, this type of insurance is concluded for a fixed period, i.e., for example, 30 years. If something happens to us during this period, the service provider is obliged to pay a certain amount to our loved ones. Usually, however, no contracts are concluded with the elderly, and therefore only those who are not at risk are protected. In the case of this insurance, it is mainly the insurer who is the beneficiary. Whether it is worth investing in the protection of your family in the event of our sudden death is therefore a matter for each and every one of us.
Insurance of housing
In order to understand the importance of this insurance, we should put ourselves in the position of people who have lost their possessions due to flooding or strong wind. It is an unimaginably large loss, which makes us have no place to live overnight. But what can I insure my home from?
The answer is simple. From what can threaten it. Before choosing a package, we should consider what are the biggest threats to our house/apartment from the surrounding environment. Burglaries, as well as hurricanes of all kinds and floods, will of course be the most popular. Sometimes, however, there are situations that are difficult to predict, such as flooding by a washing machine or burning out the electrical system. The criteria for selecting an insurance policy and its coverage are therefore different for each of us. Service providers, however, meet our expectations by offering individual quotations and offers. It is definitely worth taking advantage of them.
Travel insurance
When travelling, we can choose from a wide range of insurance options. Their selection will depend on how we move, what is the destination of our trip, and whether we travel individually or through a travel agency. The most important thing, of course, is to have health insurance abroad. Without buying it, we will have to pay very high medical costs if we find that we need medical assistance. Proof of this insurance is the card. Another type

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