Fashionable in the office What styling elements you should use in the world of business

The times of encrypted lock folders, “tombak” tie straps and white wetsuit socks are long gone. Today, men’s office styling is the whole philosophy of a precise dress code. If you’re in the business world and want to emphasise your professionalism with your look, it’s important to reach for these styling elements.
A good suit – an absolute must have!
A good suit is no phrase. You won’t buy it in the first better shop or at the stall. If you really want to create the right style for your business, you just need to invest in a high-end suit. It does not have to be a luxury. You can peacefully choose a suit made of wool or cotton, but with a good cut and high quality base material.
A good suit has to cost at least $1000 (unless you get a promotion) and this is a really great price for a good quality suit. Remember, however, that this budget will suffice for a universal suit, which may require tailoring adjustments. If you can spend a little more money on a perfect look, we strongly recommend that you make a customized suit for a good tailor’s company.
Watch – make sure you choose the right watch for you.
The business look must be complemented by men’s jewellery, the basic element of which is a watch. Don’t forget, however, that we always choose our watch to be styled. In official situations, watches on leather straps are the best choice, not too big, but shining with golden colour.
If you like bracelets, you can safely choose a watch like this, but make sure it’s not too big and eye-catching. You don’t want to associate yourself with a gangster. High-end business loves gold and it will be perfect if you choose the bracelet in this colour.
We never wear a sports watch or a casual watch for our suits.
Folder – typical attribute of a businessman
An excellent quality leather folder is not only a practical way to move documents, but also the basis of business styling. Without it, you are just like without a hand. Always match the colour of your briefcase to the colour of your suit – it is safest to choose a black-coloured skin with a delicate shine.
Remember also about a cover for a tablet or a smartphone – it must be made of leather, because it is immediately associated with elegance and high awareness of business and stylistics.
Do you go to business meetings with a laptop? Never hold the bag on your shoulder. Buy a beautiful leather bag that has the option of carrying it in your hand – then it resembles a regular briefcase and you can easily carry your documents in it as well.
Less formally?
If your business look is not going to be too crowded, you can, of course, give up your suit and golden watch. It is important that all the styling elements fit together.
You will achieve a great, elegant, but slightly looser effect by choosing a sports jacket in a light colour, preferably with flaps in a different shade. And choose a nice, smooth shirt and cotton, slightly thicker trousers. Put on your legs leather shoes in a colour contrasting with your trousers. Everyone will think that you are aware of your appearance and that nothing is happening in it by chance.
Remember – your appearance has a huge impact on your perception of the business you represent. You need to emphasize the quality of your offer every step of the way, not just talk about it.

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