Facial cream do you really know how to use it

Face cream is a simple cosmetic – just choose the right one for your skin type, paste it in and you’re done. However, nothing is as easy as it may seem and many women make a few mistakes that affect the effects of care.
The task of the cream is to take care of the face, so it is important to choose it according to the skin, and also to know how to apply it on the skin. In addition, some face creams require refrigeration (especially those containing collagen) and not every face cream is suitable as a base for make-up. What is worth knowing about care and creams? This is explained below.
Choose a line of facial care products
The lines of facial care cosmetics have the advantage of complementing each other and thus strengthening their effects. Although one cosmetic is anyway better than another, it is worth using preparations from one series. Certainly, the same face cream should not be used day and night, because at night the skin needs intensive regeneration and nutrition (repair processes take place), and the recipe of the day cream is designed to gently moisturize and protect against harmful effects of external factors, especially sunlight. Luckily, manufacturers offer whole series, which we will easily assemble a cosmetic set in each drugstore. Check out our range of face creams: to/from
At the same time, it is advisable to change the cream to another one after at least two months. By using only one face cream, you provide the skin with a truncated amount of active ingredients, while only regular use of the product ensures noticeable effects. Therefore, the golden rule is to replace the cosmetic after a while in order to provide the skin with new, necessary ingredients, which the previous cream did not provide.
The face cream is not under the eyes!
The basic care mistake is to apply the facial cream on its entire surface, including the eye area. However, such a cream may overload your skin, which may cause what you want to avoid – it will stretch excessively and thus accelerate the formation of wrinkles. The skin under the eyes is much softer and needs a lighter formula than the face cream, as well as other active ingredients. What’s more, face creams do not undergo ophthalmic tests, so they can be irritating if they get into the eye.
So choose the right cream for your eye skin, and if you don’t have one at hand, you can apply a facial cream, but in smaller quantities and on a paste basis – don’t spread the cream, just paste it into the eye area with your fingertips.
Five steps for proper face care
It is also important when applying a cosmetic product from the very beginning. Usually women limit themselves to cleansing their faces and then apply facial cream. However, careless and quick care may not bring any effects or even worsen the condition of the skin, so it is worth knowing about a few rules of proper care, thanks to which the effect of the cream will be intensified. These principles are taken from the book “The Beauty Secrets of Koreans” and are widely used. No wonder, because it is Asians who are famous for their impeccably smooth and radiant skin. It turns out that their ways of caring for themselves also work well for European women, so it is worth taking advantage of Korean good practices.
The most important thing is to perfectly cleanse the skin before applying the facial cream – it will make the cream penetrate the pores and work better. The first step, therefore, is to dismantle and/or remove contaminants with gentle cleaning agents or oils. The next step is water-based cleaning with a water-based cosmetic, as the first step was to eliminate grease-based dirt and the second step would allow additional deposits to be removed. The next step is scrubbing, but calmly, it does not need to be done every day (it is recommended 2-3 times a week), and then toning, which is very important because it prepares the skin for the absorption of moisturizers. Then comes the time for essences and serum, which are to improve the overall appearance of the skin, and then – the mask, preferably on the fabric. Then only pour in the eye cream, face cream and sunscreen (for example, raspberry seed oil is a natural filter).
Not all treatments are performed every day, so in general, the daily care can be reduced to five steps, namely: cleaning, toning, nourishing, moisturizing and sun protection.
Gentle massage can work miracles
The face cream should not be applied directly to the face, it should be rubbed on the palm of the hand beforehand, so it will be warmed up and absorbed better. In addition, apply the cream starting with the cheeks, then the forehead and then the chin. It is not recommended to spread the skin (by this we stretch the skin, which is conducive to loss of its elasticity and wrinkles), definitely

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