Electronic invoices convenience or potential hassle

No one in the 21st century is surprised that many companies only use electronic invoices. They are issued in accounting software very easily and quickly, and thanks to the Internet it is possible to send such a document to the contractor by e-mail, without generating unnecessary costs. However, there is also the other side to the coin, which we will recall in this article.

Storage of invoices

Under the rules, every economic operator is obliged to store invoices in such a way as to allow control authorities free access to documents. It does not matter whether the invoices are in paper or electronic form. What matters is that if an official requests the submission of an invoice dated 10 May 2016, he or she will receive it.

What is the result? Entrepreneurs who only trade in electronic invoices may at some point find it difficult to find the document they need. We all know what it is like. Invoices are downloaded to the disk straight from the mailbox, then a part is forgotten, a part is assigned to bad folders, no detailed division into months is made, and so on.

In the end, a good mess may arise, the mastery of which will be titanic work after, for example, several years of conducting business. And it is not customary for the inspection body to wait patiently for the operator to get his documents in order.

How can this be solved?

One way is simply to print each electronic invoice and store it in the traditional way, i.e. in a binder. However, this is quite cumbersome and over time will lead to the situation that it will be necessary to separate a separate room for company documentation.

It would therefore be a better idea to invest in an internal IT system to issue and store invoices electronically at the same time. Then there will always be free access to documents – just enter the accounting month.

An electronic invoice that is just as important

Finally, let us clarify an issue that is making many entrepreneurs sleepless. The tax authorities’ interpretation is clear: an electronic invoice has the same value as a paper invoice. In order for a document to be booked, it must contain basic information about the counterparty, the object of sale and leave no doubt that it is a proof of concluding a transaction.

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